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Suffering from a venous leg ulcer can be a painful and difficult process to endure. If left untreated, varicose veins can cause venous leg ulcers. In an effort to help you understand this condition, we have compiled a couple of key items that can cause venous leg ulcers. Check them out:


  • Poor circulation in the legs: One of the causes of venous leg ulcers stems from having poor circulation of blood in your leg veins. When your veins are unable to move the blood from your legs back to your heart, the blood will begin to pool, which can lead to a venous leg ulcer.
  • High blood pressure in lower sections of the legs: Also known as venous hypertension, high blood pressure in the lower areas of your leg can also be a cause of venous leg ulcers. The added pressure on these veins can sometimes cause the blood in the area to pool underneath the skin, which can cause swelling as well.

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Photo from Johns Hopkins Medicine