Symptoms Checklist:

  • Pain (an aching or cramping feeling)
  • Heaviness/tiredness
  • Burning or tingling sensations
  • Swelling/throbbing
  • Tender areas around the veins

    If you have any of these symptoms – even temporarily – then you are a candidate for venous disease and meet the general requirements of insurance carriers for coverage. Fill out the form below for the option to fast track your treatment process. This will move you directly to diagnostic testing and an office visit to determine a course of treatment.

    If you would like more information, we offer a Free Consultation that includes:

    1. Brief visual examination of any varicose or spider veins that may be present on your legs. (A diagnostic ultrasound will be performed at the second visit to definitively determine any underlying vascular condition and formulate the next stage of your custom treatment plan. That visit is typically submitted to your insurance but can sometimes be combined with the initial consultation if you wish to fast track your treatment process.)
    2. Discuss any symptoms that you may be experiencing and how they affect your daily life.
    3. Review and explain your insurance coverage
    4. Explain treatment options available

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