The process is simple!

Our patients are pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the treatment process. It’s easy and affordable to go from painful, unattractive legs to healthy, great looking legs.

We want you to understand the process every step of the way.

Step 1. Getting the Best Diagnosis

Free Consultation – What is included in the free consultation? Our no-obligation initial vein consultation gives you the opportunity to understand the condition of your veins and steps necessary for treatment.

We will conduct a brief, visual examination of any varicose or spider veins that may be visible on your legs. We will ask you a series of questions regarding your symptoms, health history and even how it affects your daily life. This screening helps us to determine if you are likely a candidate for further diagnostic testing and to determine a specialized treatment path.

Step 2. Understanding Your Treatment Options

Ultrasound imaging or scanning, involves exposing your leg to high-frequency sound waves which then produce a picture of the inside of the leg. This image shows the details of the venous system and the blood flow.Read More…
Sclerotherapy Sclerotherapy is the gold-standard treatment for small to moderate sized spider or varicose veins (according to the American College of Phlebology).Read More…
Similar to leg vein removal, the sclerosing agent is introduced into the unwanted hand vain causing it to vanish, leaving your hand in a renewed, youthful state.Read More…
EVLA The procedure is minimally invasive, and uses laser energy delivered through a thin fiber-optic probe to treat the underlying cause of the varicose vein. EVLA is less painful and has fewer complications than the traditional surgical alternatives.Read More…